21 August 2016

Visible progress on the flat

The task was to "hang a few pictures" - and to clear the bed for use.

Tom was finishing off the floor in his room; it needed a few boards, carefully cut to size, around the edges -
A mere five hours later, it was ready, with all the tools that were on the premises gathered in one place -
and living space (the chairs will go back to the living room someday, and the door needs re-hanging) -
The pictures were hung, and with a few further relocations, the room looks very different -
There's still that hidden corner to sort out. And the relocations - the piles of books - will be further relocated once the shelves in the living room are built. Meanwhile ...

There might be room for more shelves around the window.

It's the downstairs rooms that are the stumbling blocks. Of the studio, the less said the better. For the living room (currently used as site workshop), proper flooring is needed, but meanwhile the gold underlay looks very dramatic -

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