30 August 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Olympic Park

We met near the "big red thing", near the maze of lively fountains -
Some of the group looked settled in for the duration -
Off we went, to find shady spots. This was my view -

with these results - first the struggle with shifting shadows, then a quick geometry -

A big red complicated thing, captured by Janet K -
 The BRT lurking in the background, by Carol -
 Najlaa's bench -
 and her compilation of patterns seen on tee-shirts -
 Jo's pedal-boats -
and echinaceas -
 and further renditions by Jo and Najlaa -
It was a short walk to John Lewis for coffee/lunch, in air-conditioned comfort. The temperature rose and rose, and the rhythmic slapping of the dancing fountains was drowned out by the delighted shrieks of many excited children.

I had come from Hackney Wick, retracing some of route to the velodrome (in cycling days of yore) - much had changed in a year, these new buildings-

but the green fence was still there, though the summer planting had quite gone over -
The good news is that now there are racks of "Boris bikes" for hire all over the park . I hope to be back to use them before long.

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