28 August 2016

Batch of JQs done!

May's JQ


These are all untitled. No words come to mind - they are purely visual. Maybe because they were done in such a hurry.

All are 8"x10", and all include the required colour, can't remember which of the three it is for this batch. All colours are in all batches, and that solves that.

Sometimes the colours are laid behind a cut-out window - reverse applique? - and sometimes they're on top.

All are made on paper - found or recycled paper - stitched to a cloth backing. Sometimes the stitches are the conventional quilting stitch (running stitch) and sometimes it gets more interesting -


irene macwilliam said...

i love them all. They are very striking

Sandy said...

I do too. Love the August one especially.

Charlton Stitcher said...

I especially enjoyed June and July. The fine tree branches are somehow very restful and satisfying and make me wonder what was in the garden behind.