25 March 2018

Camden High Line - Sunday walk

Several sites in London are proposing to repurpose old railway lines as recreational sites, one in Peckham and another in Camden. Green space! And - just a 10-minute walk between Camden Town and King's Cross. The feasibility study has been completed - it's feasible - now, fundraising....

Today's walk (with Hampstead Ramblers) went along, or rather under, that defunct railway, and then along the canal through Regent's Park.
Starting point 

Royal College Street - the line will run parallel to London Overground

Graffiti, of course

Funding is being sought for structural work

Endpoint of Phase 1 - near Camley Nature Park

The group heads back to the canal

Quiet waters

Nearing Camden

Camden Lock

Kayaks for boating along the canal

Probably the most photographed cow in London (Regent's Canal)

Passing the Zoo

Boating Lake, Regent's Park

Cherry blossom time ...

... but what are these?

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