06 March 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of Childhood

The board games section was well lit, and there was a handy seat. I settled down in the corner....

"Home made board game 1959. The Cass family
 invented and made their own family board games
between 1930 and 1980."
 ... ignored the children ...
Schoolkids delighted to have a play in the sandbox
... and got absorbed in the shapes of these letters -

 They took close looking and some experimentation, and still don't seem right!
 Sue polished off some glove puppets by Mary Bligh Bland, 1980s -
 ... and went on to an automated doll from the 1890s -
 Janet K made inroads on the dolls houses donated by Rachel Whiteread -
 Carol rearranged items from one shelf of a display -
We marvelled at the range of skill - or of shapes of tiles -

applied to making the mosaic floor. This was a job given to female prisoners in the 1870s. The entire floor - 6000 squares! - is made of two patterns within the square -
Can you spot where a lapse of attention got it wrong during the laying of the floor? And would you be able to find that place on the actual floor?


Kathleen Loomis said...

I'd like to think it wasn't a mistake but a small prisoner rebellion.

Margaret Cooter said...

I'd like to think the prisoners got to see their work in situ, but they only made the squares in their cells and no doubt workmen did the installation. Perhaps it was a small workman's protest, or subversion....

Connie Rose said...

Hi M,
This is just a test...my email is now gmail.com, but your responses still come to my old att.net email account. I'm trying logging out and then logging back into Google below, to see if that helps.