23 March 2018

Woodblock Wednesday, first independent week

The course has finished so I'm keeping up the momentum by reserving Wednesday mornings for woodblock printing. It took a while to get organised this week, but now all the equipment is gathered in one place, ready for next time.

The current project is to develop a book on the theme "offset". 

"Start where you are, with what you have" - which is the blocks containing segments of circles

While messing about with adding smaller circles to the sequence, I wondered about overlapping the same image by turning the block upside down...
 The red and the blue were to hand as well - dried up tubes that have now been diluted and stored in little jars.

I tried to make subtle variations in the red, but the contrast between red and blue just swallows them up -
 Carry on nonetheless, just to see what happens -
 Here are two arrangements of the prints, two possible sequences -

I prefer the "let's see what happens" approach to deciding beforehand what should be happening. I prefer surprises, and even accidents, to total control and then not being happy with the results.


irene macwilliam said...

I love your attitude, the way you work. A lesson to us all. Just play, use whatever, and see what emerges.

Olga Norris said...

The accidents are indeed what attract me so much to the printmaking process. It is fascinating watching your work develop.