27 March 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Maritime Museum

Tools and instruments were my focus.
Boatbuilders' curves
I looked hard at this simple telescope -
... in various ways ...

Later, looking for another instrument collection (most are at the astronomy museum up the hill) there was this beautiful telescope, a diplomatic gift to the Chinese Emperor - the timepiece is the lens cover -
Astrolabes, equinoctial dials, and a portable reflecting telescope -
10 minutes and a bit of water later -

Quite possibly the speed of rendition was a reaction to the care taken with the first telescope.

Elsewhere in the group -
Patterning on glass (Najlaa)

A prow shaped like a golden serpent (Joyce)

Another golden serpent, the colour made of four yellows (Janet K)

Positive is negative (Judith)
- and it takes a long time to add those lines!
Haida (northwest coast of America) carving (Sue)

Tipu - a ship's figurehead (Jo)
Extracurricular department - Joyce's drawings at the Natural History Museum

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