24 March 2018

Walking round the 'hood

Fonthill Road "fashion district"

More Fonthill Fashion

Finsbury Park's skyscraper being built - maybe in two years
we'll be able to access the tube station without having to walk under
the railway bridges, in the dripping semi-dark, past the rough sleepers
and the buskers - today it was bagpipes!
 On a happier note - a section of one of the local "organic shops" - I'm utterly bedazzled by the choice in each category of fruits and veg, especially the tomatoes (not shown this time) -
 They have various types of lentils, as you'd expect -
 Another range of lentils gives Turkish names too -
This isn't the organic shop that stocks 8 (eight) kinds of tahini ... I forgot to check how many kinds of tahini this one has...

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