20 March 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Southwark Cathedral

I started by having a coffee in the cathedral cafe and drew what was to hand - then later as people appeared drew what could be seen -
Rather a lot of coats on chairs - and two people missing from the scene
Never did get into the cathedral itself. Some days are like that.

 The others were busy, though. Janet B came upon the cathedral cat, Doorkins -
Judith had been happily sitting outside, but was told she was within a construction zone and had to move on; she managed to draw a lot, though -
 Carol found "heads" everywhere -
Sue found dazzle patterns had been painted on HMS Belfast, which is moored nearby -
 Jo was intrigued by the statue of the Roman hunter god -
 Joyce used shades of grey for the cityscape -
... and found, among the roof bosses, a green man swallowing Judas Iscariot -
 Coincidence - "quite a strange statue" by Janet B -
 ... and by Jo -
It's a modern statue (1989) by (prolific) sculptor Peter E Ball.

Several people had done the "homework" - to draw a creature.

Carol wondered if using plastic models was cheating - no, not at all; depicting animals has two components, the furry or hairy (or scaly) texture, and the disposition of bones and muscles - tackling one at a time is fine! -
 Sue tackled some gulls and found they were always moving -
I worked from 2D representations and was surprised to see that my drawings were much the same size as the originals - must try different sizes -
Extra-curricular activities -
Janet B had been drawing tigers' skulls at the Royal Veterinary College -
 The two skulls - and a "real" tiger -

Joyce had been out with Urban Sketchers in Leadenhall Market -

Sue took some photographs of chairs, in strange lighting conditions; she first represented the entire photo ...
 ... then found areas with interesting shapes ...
 ... and finally, abstracted them even further ...

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