16 March 2018

Trial run - chips and dip

Trying out a recipe for hummus made with butternut squash and harissa.
Butternut & harissa houmous
The photo that comes with the recipe shows some flatbread for dipping, and there's a recipe for that as well, but it includes yeast and seems to be quite time-consuming. Gone are the days when I'd effortlessly whip something like that up - or need to.

Instead of chaining myself to the stove I bought some seeded tortilla wraps and turned them into tortilla chips - very quick - but you DO have to keep an eye on them or they can overbake very quickly -
Cut into triangles and brush with oil, transfer to
heated baking tray andbake for a few minutes
As for getting hold of ingredients - the largish supermarket across the street had harissa, but not tahini ("what's that?") - whereas the smallish "organic" shop up the road had EIGHT kinds of tahini -
So lucky to have great local shops (and cafes)! And a farmers market every week! It was not always thus........

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patty a. said...

I have never heard of harissa. I will have to google it and find out what it is. I make my own tahini in my VitaMix. It is so simple with just sesame seeds and a bit of olive oil. Sometimes when I make Chickpea hummus in the VitaMix I really get lazy and I just thrown in the sesame seeds whole and let them get ground up as the machine does it's thing. I love butternut squash. Let me know how the dip turns out. The picture sure looks tasty!