04 January 2019

An exhibition of convenience

The need to get out of the house during Betwixtmas sent me to Tate Britain, a convenient destination, and the Burne-Jones exhibition (till 24 Feb) was convenient to the entrance, so in I went, even though my interest in the Preraphaelites wore out some decades ago.

He certainly could paint, and draw. But oh those languid ladies, so bored with life, so frightened, so passive...
Early work - painted on part of a piano!

Striking stained glass ...

... with lovely "medieval" plant details

Rubens was his least favourite painter - this is a
caricature of a Rubens Annunciation

Straightforward drawing

Strangely raised and gilded drapery (and lettering) on a
wood panel - how did he do that?
 And speaking of drapery - great swathes of it, in many colours -

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