29 January 2019

Drwing Tuesday - Museum of Childhood

The floor at the Museum of Childhood has a certain fascination for me; I've written about it before - the sections made by imprisoned women (mosaic was seen as "a suitable job for a woman" in the later 19th century), the one tile that was placed slightly wrong, the variation in skills shown in the individual tiles, or was that a variation in materials? -
I sat in the cafe area and studied that floor closely, experimenting with some of th random materials found in my art-bag -
Others did more sensible things -
Janet K's warm-up of high chair on rockers, and little
"mushroom" table and elephant

Janet B's facade...

... and doggy-walker

Jo's toys are cheerful despite the totally uninformative labelling...

... and  the coal-wagon advertises coal from Wallsend, near Newcastle

Sue's toy (and its shadows) is activated by squeezing it...

... and the panda  - well, what can you say?

Despite having to retrieve a bag from the bus depot, Judith
documented her encounter with a dragon marionette puppet

Joyce investigated the dollhouses donated by Rachel Whiteread

Carol 's fascination with stuffed toys continues...

... and she brought along some machine embroidery she has embarked on
Before leaving the museum I found some objects that needed to be added to my sketchbook -

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