09 January 2019

Woodblock Wednesday

The big block of circles is almost cut, just the inside of one circle to cut away -
Overlapping circle at the bottom; and on the other side...

"Smoke rings" (are they??) being systematically cut

Hmm, I see a problem - or is it? Ah well, sort it out in the morning!
This pattern is rather reminiscent of pancakes in the pan or on a plate -
Subliminal things - bits of everyday life we notice only subsconsicously - creep into artworks... "It all feeds into the same place" doesn't it!

I took "some I prepared earlier" along to the coffee shop to show a friend who's also interested in low-tech printmaking, and she started arranging them in ways I'd never considered -

Of course this starts yet other trains of thought... about colour combinations and about printing configurations...


Yvonne said...

These are really interesting. I love the colour combinations

Charlton Stitcher said...

I love the subtle colour combinations of these. They mare lovely.
And a belated Happy New Year to you!