07 January 2019

Squashed - and colourful

Cornelia Parker's Perpetual Canon fills the ground floor gallery at Turner Contemporary (till 17 March) -

I had time for a drawing, and discovered how delightfully cushiony it is to draw on a paper napkin with a biro -

Most of my time at Turner Contemporary was spent upstairs with the Patrick Heron paintings (it was the last day of that show) - a wonderful antidote to a grey winter's day.

A group of gouaches from 1999, the last months of his life, included these -

Other paintings ranged from the 1940s and incuded some of the huge canvases painted with tiny brushes in the 1970s. I particularly enjoyed those with lots of white space ...

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patty a. said...

It was sad seeing all those instruments flattened. It is like seeing something made from a quilt that someone cut up.