03 January 2019

Poetry Thursday - inspired by Wendy Cope

Many poems are on hand in the books on my shelf, and they deserve re-reading. I was surprised to find, in the back of Wendy Cope's Serious Concerns (which has been with me since 1993), a few lines about what was definitely an ongoing and serious concern of my own. (The title is an afterthought.)

The State of His Socks

I am very particular
    about my beloved's socks.
They must not be
    worn out, short, or thin;
they must not be
    pilled, or rubbed, or crumpled;

or beige.

My beloved's feet deserve
a cared-for cushion of comfort
to carry him through the day.

1 comment:

Stitchinscience said...

Lovely Margaret. Socks have been on my mind over the festive season as both of my sons have been at home. It is surprising how many black, and blackish, socks are in the washing for three men. Happily they all do their own sorting out, so I did not inspect for pilling, crumpling, or holes!