26 December 2011

Art I like - Daphne Corregan

Daphne Corregan's semi-figurative "Breathing" (2009) joins two heads/bodies/jars/pots. It is not a small work - about 60cm high - and is part of a series. (Another of her series is "Twins".)

"Daphne Corregan takes pleasure in distracting objects away from their original function by distorting and stretching them to impossible dimensions in order to magnify them and make them playful. Ceramist and sculptor, her forms originate on paper. It is these drawings which will determine the technique she will need to create them." (Read the entire Ceramics Today article here.)

She also makes "dresses" in heavily smoked clay, giving a range of blacks and greys. These are 145cm high. (Image from here, where you can see more of her work.)

She says of how she divides her time: a third goes to teaching, and of the remainder, half is used in making work, a quarter in research, and a quarter in paperwork and photography.

Her sources are travel to places where people still live in traditional ways, folk art, textiles; some pieces are a response to events like the Rwanda massacres.

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