20 December 2011

Still looks fresh to me

Katherine Westphal's "Interior with Dogs" was made in 1984 - and to my eyes, it hasn't dated. I like the knowing use of standard "quilting" techniques, given a twist. A lively composition and great use of negative space.

It's showing in Invisible Lineage at the San Jose Museum of Quilts until 5 Feb 2012.  "Invisible Lineage showcases the work of four influential mid 20th century fiber artists — Mary Buskirk, Lydia Van Gelder, Mary Walker Phillips, Katherine Westphal— alongside works of four late century artists, Pat Abrahamian, Pam Moore, Karen Hampton, and Janice Sullivan."


Sharon Robinson said...

I saw that piece on the SAQA newsletter and thought the same thing. I also thought I might need to take a little trip to San Jose! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

FireHorse3 said...

What an incredible quilt - I've never seen anything like it. It reminds me of Egyptian art in a way.