18 December 2011

Book to page to ...?...

The evidence is that I bought this book in 2007 to keep track of the various quilting and editing committees I was on. My time on these committees has come to an end, so the book is being repurposed. It's too heavy and awkward for taking on my minimal travels, so I tried it out as a receptacle for Morning Moans - nope, that wiry spine gets in the way. All pages with writing have been torn out (about a dozen) and the unblemished book is now in the charity-shop bag. Someone else will be able to put it to the use for which it was intended.

The half-used, torn out pages are receiving my Morning Moans, and will be used and re-used ... because it's not important to re-read this sort of writing, and because I'd rather it not be read. By criss-crossing the writing, I'll have a rich surface to use in some sort of book structure ... or jewellery - like Devi Chand's perhaps
Or Megan Dunn's -
Or plain-old paper beads...

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