04 February 2012

Another project on the go

My "over-writing" project has moved on to clean sheets of paper - an old box of onion-skin (remember onion-skin? flimsy transparent stuff, usually used in typewriters with carbon paper .. which by the way is another wonderful material) - a box dating back to typewriter days, pre-A4 size days ... salvaged from a stationery-cupboard clearout at work many years ago. Paper with history.
The round thing is simply holding the folded bits down, to show the method behind this madness.

Too much margin = not enough inside... Both sides:

As well as the negative space, can the translucency contribute? Can the pages be combined? -
This text is the introductory essay to an exhibition of Susan Derges' photography - it was in a book that happened to be on hand (role of accident, chance...).

I sit at the table in front of the window and copy text - a calming and even soothing thing to do - especially when the builder isn't here, and the other members of the family are out (preferably at work). It's an easy way to get into the studio and do "something" in the space available.

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Connie Rose said...

You can fuse onionskin paper to other paper or to cloth -- just something you might want to try if you run out of other ideas! I like the way this is looking.