29 February 2012

Book du jour - ink, graphite, print

When I finished printing my letterpress project on tracing paper, I started printing on some inky papers that were in my folder. Top left, black paper brushed with black Quink and streaked with graphite; others are newsprint with varying amounts and dilutions of Quink, with swathes of graphite on the lower left. At certain angles you can see the print on the graphite, at other angles - just dazzle or greyness. For the samples at top, the angle is important - unless the printed ink catches the light, it disappears.
At the top of the photo below, the final two pages of the "reappearance of words" text; below, printing on black paper with graphite rubbing, and printing on some strips of masking tape stuck onto a brown paper bag.
So many samples, and no clear direction ahead yet...

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