29 February 2012

Book du jour - tissue, ink, and water

First, make your book - for these samples I've been working small, about 5cm square. This is a sheet of tissue paper (that happened to be floating around) folded and torn rather than cut. I drew lines with a permanent felt pen, first along one diagonal and on the next page along the other diagonal. There's some bleeding through the thin paper. Then, out came the spray bottle - 
 Left to dry (with a little help separating the wet pages) it looked like this -
Same method, but with a Muji calligraphy (brush) pen -
 To encourage bleeding, I put drops of water between the pages before inking the lines, but the spraying was all that was needed to get the ink to spread -
Not only was the ink not permanent, but it had a yellow component which leached out.

Different black inks, different colour compositions -- rather like the effects you get when discharging black fabric. Using bleach on various inks will be interesting.

And finally - the bag that the Muji pen came in - simply sprayed with water and left to dry -
It feels very solid.


Connie Rose said...

More wow!

Sandy said...

Hi again,
Back to the using bleach idea, I was having a think about the sketchbook project, since I removed the pages and put in my own. this led to thinking about your current Book du jour series and the bleach idea and then I wondered about lemon juice.
which somehow then led a lightbulb moment about trying lemon juice in a spywriting sort of way.

I really don't need to think of bright ideas for other people, but anyway, at least you know I think about your work!