26 June 2012

Art I like - Jukhee Kwon

A fellow student last year is having her first solo show! Jukhee (the tall one in the photo) has been wielding her scalpel on old books for nearly a year now. Her show is at La Scatola gallery, near Liverpool Street  till 10 August

This was her spectacular piece at the final show last September -
Now she has a new direction - she's scraped the words off the pages -
The dust-book on the plinth is, you guessed, the words from the book -
"Jukhee Kwon’s work is the accumulative result of a destructive and repetitive process; the individual book, through the artist’s reworking, becomes something monumental, often returning to its original form- from tree to book, from book to tree. In Being, La Scatola Gallery will house a new work by Kwon taking the form of a suspended and overflowing bookcase." Five - or was it six - single books are suspended high up on the pillars around the gallery - you can just about see one in the first photo.

This is "Book Surgery", one of her 2011 works -

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