11 June 2012

Emergency bag

Confetti = wedding. A lovely day - and only the fourth wedding I've been to (including my own). We baby-boomer hippy-generation folk aren't in the wedding habit.
On the morning of the day I realised I didn't have an appropriate handbag - or any pockets - and just about two hours for making one. The brocade is someone else's "scrap"; I added wadding and quilting - the quilting makes all the difference but took rather longer than expected. The handle is a narrow strip of industrial felt (of all things!), wrapped with thread to tone with the brocade and sewn hastily to the sides of the bag on the short train ride to the venue. Simple and effective, I thought; no time to dither or agonise on decisions like size. There's enough room for the essentials - camera, travel pass, purse, hanky, phone - and it isn't heavy, which makes a change.

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