13 July 2012

Ca marche...

"The Journey to the Studio" is now 1.85m long. In an hour of stitching, it grows 4cm. This week I've been starting the day with some stitching (before checking emails!), so it's moving along steadily. I'm aiming to do another 30 hours on it before the degree show needs to be set up, as it might (or might not...) be part of the display. I like the idea of this long thing running from the top of the wall to the floor, but that could be simply an impossible fantasy. In any case, a bit of early-morning stitching is a good way to catch up with (BBC) radio programmes  ... this morning I listened to a couple of episodes of A Good Read and Four Thought; other times it's been Late Junction or The Essay.

But back to the stitching. Looking at it all laid out, I prefer the neutral sections -
 over the colourful ones -
Each has its reasons, and its aesthetic. "Next time" I'll choose a palette before starting stitching, but this time it'll just go on as before.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

When I saw the first photo, I had to look again to see if I had actually opened the link to your blog or Celia's.

Oh, yes, you are stitching words on. It pays to look closely.

But, perhaps some ideas for display of the march to the studio?