05 July 2012

This week at college - "Symposium 2"

We each had exactly 7 minutes to talk about our current practice, so the talk had to be closely scripted (click to enlarge, if you want words as well as pictures) -

Even at the last minute - an hour before leaving home - I had second thoughts about what the topic is now, and had to change a slide and some of the wording. Until then, I'd been sure this work was about "the journey of growing older" - and that I was looking at the part that dealt with the loss of language and loss of memory that can occur in older age. On reflection, though, the work seems to be more about the difficulty of communication; perhaps age has something to do with it, but it can be any sort of cross-cultural communication (the culture of the retired person being raaaather different from that of the young student!).

Getting clear on this matters for two reasons: presenting a coherent final show, and writing a supporting statement. We have a few weeks yet - much can happen...........

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irenemacwilliam said...

could you make a statement by working your statement as if you had forgotten what it is/was all about. A sort of take on the theme of your work, making a conceptual point or is that not acceptable. Always thinking of a variation of the obvious.
Irene MacWilliam