12 July 2012

Drawn on screen

David Hockney, who is no slouch when it comes to embracing new technology, is leading the way in terms of drawing on his ipad - as I'm sure you know by now! 
 And the results are very jolly. His years of work with pencil and brush translate to this medium.
Perhaps it's the intermediation [is that a word? - start again...] Perhaps it's the way the technology removes the act of drawing from the physical support of paper or canvas - and the fact that the "picture" doesn't exist in the "real world" - perhaps this is what makes this type of drawing (or is it painting?) seem so desirable, or even possible, for people who don't like to put pencil to paper.
To see how it's done, have a look at this video of Hockney at work in a Louisiana cafe.

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