29 March 2013

Art I like - Jean M Judd's "Contaminated Water" quilts

This quilt is on show at the Museum of the Southwest, Midland, Texas, until 28 April.
Contaminated Water 4
Jean M Judd, Contaminated Water #4: Through the Fence, 2012
(image from the SAQA art quilt news e-bulletin)
This series  uses Jean's hand dyed fabrics, mostly in whole cloth format. Some use rust dyeing and overt imagery. The quilted concentric circles are, of course, the spreading ripples after something falls into the water and disappears beneath the surface. You can see elements of the wire fence in the quilting too. The title refers to water seeping out of a copper mine, unconstrained by mere fences.

See all the quilts - and read the stories behind them - here.

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