04 December 2013

Paper-and-paint discovery

A rummage through file folders turned up the papers in the centre of the photo - photocopies of travel-lines that had been painted with transfer paints. Many possibilities open up ... but the fabrics onto which they are transferred must be synthetic. My stash doesn't contain a lot of synthetics ... yet ...

The sheets to left and right were screen-printed a couple of years back; the coloured ones are printed on both sides and will be used for covers for floppy little (A6) books. They are texturally exciting to hold - a subtle effect, but different from the smooth pages inside. 

The prototype leaves me unhappy with the quality of the print of the travel-lines that will go inside. The smaller books, though cute (and easy to print on one sheet of paper), are simply too small.

1 comment:

Felicity said...

Fascinating! I love the varying rhythms of those lines.