01 December 2013

The rest of the sewing kits

The final one is having some stitching added to the ribbon - after which I'll have a good selection for the craft fair next week.

The week's tasks include making larger needlebooks (lots of small ones are ready), finishing and printing and folding the little pamphlet showing embroidery stitches, and getting together all the things that are needed for the table. Not to mention ... figuring out how to display it all.

And the week after - research towards the next session of the museums course - that'll make a welcome change!

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Bethany Garner said...

Margaret... I was led to your blog by Kathy Loomis, but have so respected and admired your work over MANY years. These small sewing kits are a wonderful way to share the joy of stitching with friends old and new.Terrific idea. Hope the event was a huge success!
Bethany Garner in Kingston, ON Canada