11 December 2013

Rescuing fabric

My latest finds in the charity shop consist of 4 metres of a very orange cotton (£4.50 the piece), a dress in a sort of jungle print (includes a lot of blue) that will look good in smaller pieces, and some cotton-linen trousers with lovely finishing and details -

Seems a shame to cut them up, but the finely striped fabric will be so useful.

My unofficial rule is that fabric found in charity shops has to be put away within 3 days. Often that simple process includes a lot of unpicking and cutting up, and deciding just how small a piece has to be before it gets binned rather than stored.


Connie Rose said...

Good luck with those ~ I've taken apart clothing as well, but found it to be way more hassle than I'd bargained for, especially when I was trying to get as much useable fabric out of the deal as possible. Won't do again.

julesinspacedancing said...

I don't take apart anymore I just cut out what I need and recycle the rest. It goes in the local charity shop rag bin.
I've worked out how to use the bits I need without disassembling the whole garment. Definitely saves time!