28 January 2014

Continuing with "faces"

Because of a previous engagement I'm unable to go to the portraiture class today - which doesn't mean that "drawing faces" isn't on my mind! I've been using this extra time to collect more "stitched faces" and to think about where to start with the stitching, how much of it to draw out first, about how to approach making that sort of work, comparing it with how I (and others in the class) approach the drawing. Thread ain't charcoal!

Also this morning I set myself the task of "some small drawings". An issue of Surface Design magazine happened to be within arm's reach, and nearby was a small pad of rough paper (3"x5") and a felt pen, so I quickly drew every (largeish) face in the magazine.
They're shown in order of being done, warts 'n' all. Apart from looking, looking, looking, all I was trying to do was to replicate the photo.Some are more "accurate" than others; some have more personality than others. I enjoyed the speed and the freedom of not-caring how they turned out - and I enjoyed noticing things, eg how narrow the nose (and asymmetrical the eyebrows) of one of the models was, how the lighting affected what you saw - I even enjoyed drawing the mouths, and started noticing "the planes of the face" which the tutor has been talking about.

Starting with the pen is a bit like starting with a stitch. It was tempting to start with the eyes and work outwards, but this is not good drawing practice. Working instinctively, I'm moving from one feature to another, trying to get the negative spaces right - rather than taking the head and saying "this is the volume, where do the angles change".

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irene macwilliam said...

love the character I see in lady with glasses bottom RHS

KAM said...

so enjoy looking at the process of drawing faces with you...one area of much challenge for me. As I looked at the woman in the top row, third from the left I smiled...I see in her expression the wondering I experienced in the studio this morning as I was sketching a project that has a commitment to be finished for an exhibit late in the summer. The pondering thoughts felt ever so much like what I see in her face/expression.
Really appreciate following along as your portrait journey goes along.

Vicki Miller said...

see? your faces ARE improving, although I thought they were great from the start. The variety you have done here are great!

Celtic Thistle said...

Great expression in the top row lady and the bottom corner lady looks like someone you would happily pass the time of day with!

The Inside Stori said...

I admire your dedication......this is such a difficult task for me!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

ooooooh, I see these portraits in fabric! Now WHY aren't you drawing on fabric??????? I think I'll try this myself, but start with a few pencil marks, then sketch with the sewing machine. The machine forces one to loosen up resulting in interesting lines.
Anyway, LUV what you're doing! very exciting, lots of possibilities!
best, nadia

Susie Monday said...

I love sketching with stitch,too
These are lovely