21 January 2014

Textiles into ceramics: exploring surfaces, day 1

The course runs all day Sunday for four weeks at City Lit. It's good to be back in the pottery room - here are some still-lifes of tools -

Some pecial stamps, including patterned rollers -
 I'd like to make some more of the clay books, and experiment with clay pages. These are made in paper clay and will be light, in contrast to the heaviness of clay -
 The pages are patterned by rolling them between layers of fabric -
 The paper clay output. My plan is to stitch wire into the holes at the sides of the pages once they've been fired -
 In the afternoon I used porcelain to make the same objects -
At the end of the day I was definitely feeling tired - but it had passed in a flash. Looking forward to next week and trying not to think about it too much in between times.


patty a. said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure back into ceramics. I have always wanted to take a class in pottery/ceramics, but I haven't done it yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

Connie Rose said...

Glad you've hit the pottery studio again!

KAM said...

What a great way to be back in the ceramic creating world..and with the strong flavor of thread and cloth..looking forward to seeing more of this..very exciting adventure journey .. Kristin

Vicki Miller said...

I miss pottery so much. Thanks for the reminder. I love what you have done with the book pages. I might have to have a go!