23 May 2014

Clerkenwell Design Week

"week" = three days ... do designers work such a short week? It seems that in this part of town, which abounds with design offices and showrooms, designing consists mostly of office furniture, a significant proportion of which included "privacy walls", including this nook which might be useful in a busy home -
The main attraction for me was the "infinity gate" with its parallel mirrors ... of course I took lots of photos of feet, some mirrored -
At Vitra, the cloud lights proved to be great collectors of dust (so we won't be getting one!), and the "tom vac chair" competition attracted some amusing entries -
dog collar and sound system
"the udder tom"
Outside another venue, elasticated chairs -
 Best discovery: the secret garden of Priory Church, part of the St John museum -
 Then on to lunch, which was accompanied by lightning, thunder and heavy rain -
Irresistible consumer opportunity - the art shop on Clerkenwell Road - jam-packed with wonderful tools and paints and notebooks and more -

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Stitchinscience said...

I love the idea of that "nook" Margaret - there is a need for it my he at present with tow teenagers both on supposed study leave!