20 May 2014

Prize surprise

Surprises - that was one of my hopes for the "Developing practice for makers through museum collections" course. I was thinking along the lines of finding exciting work by new-to-me artists, or starting to work in a different way on a new theme, things like that (which seem all to have happened, how good is that).

For some months I've been developing the "museum-maze" idea, in response to the "Inspired by the V&A" exhibition possibility, and  a few weeks ago was surprised to be selected for the show.

Last night was the "opening party" and the prizegiving, which was held in the auditorium at Morley College (the show is in the Gallery next door).
In the distance is the principal of the college extolling the virtues of adult learning - bending the ear of a government minister who was present.  And then came the prizes. I was flabbergasted to hear my name and the word "printmaking" and found myself joining a group at the front of the room. After being given certificates we were herded into place for a group photo. I'm so glad I wore pink shoes -
and then it was out to the college's secret garden for drinks - how lucky we were with the weather -
After a while I was hoiked back into the gallery to have my photo taken with my work, and encountered another printmaker taking photos (probably wondering why it qualified as print?) - and had a chance to babble on about how interesting the floors in the museum are, made by female convicts etc -
The gallery decided to show my "book" on a lightbox -
Earlier, just as I got to the gallery everyone had decamped to the auditorium for the bar and speeches, so there was a chance to get some general views -

The show is on till 19 June; nearest tube station is Lambeth North. On the V&A website are winners from previous years, when the museum itself ran the show.


Olga Norris said...

Congratulations! It was fascinating to follow your progress through the making of the piece, and it is such a delight to know that it is so appreciated. Hats in the air!!!

Sandra Wyman said...

Congratulations - have been fascinated watching the development of this piece (and associated pieces) - great to see it getting the appreciation it deserves!

Sandy said...

Oh well done! I am sure they were all excited about your ideas of looking at things unnoticed about the museum. I often look up, but rarely down when in a museum.
I am so glad you were given a prize!

Felicity said...

Congratulations Margaret that's brilliant news!! And so well-deserved.
I love the thought and care that goes into all of your work and this piece has been especially compelling in its complexity.

That has cheered me up enormously :) xx

Connie Rose said...

Congrats, Margaret, this is really fabulous news. You so deserve it, too. Your work is just terrific, in every medium you undertake!

Stitchinscience said...

Hi Margaret, I am at Morley on a Tuesday so went in to see your piece. Many congratulations on your win- justly deserved.

magsramsay said...

WOW! Thrilled your hard work has paid off for you, congratulations!

Julie said...

Congratulations Margaret! Well deserved recognition for all your hard work.

Celia said...

Congratulations! Well deserved!

irene macwilliam said...

Really pleased for you Margaret. I thought the way you were working with the ideas of floors, maze, foldup book were brilliant.Well done.

Gillian Cooper said...

Congratulations Margaret - I'm really pleased for you. I like the light box presentation too - it's nice that they had spent time thinking about how to display the work.