24 April 2015

Front and back

Lately I've been ruching up a lot of fabric, with a view to using it in journal quilts. This is an offshoot of the ceramics made from slip-dipped fabric, as the fabric is gathered up and the folds set by steaming to help hold the shape during dipping. I dipped some flat pieces, and then realised that the ruched, steamed fabrics themselves were ... or could be ... interesting. 

At first I used plain fabric with various threads to add interest - but why not use printed fabric? This snippet, about 6cm high, was screenprinted at college a few years back, and I wanted to keep the print showing (sort of like veins on the back of a hand) -
It looks fairly hideous and was even worse before gathering, but hey it's a sample - and might get painted with gesso, who knows?

Turning it over is a different story - the (rayon) thread has looped in the areas where the stitches are large -
Perhaps this is the "right" side.

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