22 April 2015

Nine realms of Norse mythology

"Magicking the Norse World to Life: 42 Poets & Artists, 3 Musicians & a Viking boat!"

The campaign, which runs for 28 more days at time of writing, is to fund the commissioning of a boat and lots of poetry, art, and music - and take it on tour, especially to schools. It's got academic as well as artistic credentials - overviews of each realm with be given by a Norse PhD student at Cambridge.

"From today [20 April], for the next 30 days, woodcarver Mark Crowley will be LIVE CARVING a Viking boat made from mahogany and oak, which will act as the focal point and heart of a 5-day Norse-inspired Interactive Combined Arts experience to be held between 11th-15th September 2015 in Hanse House, King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK. Our project is a continuation of the '2015 Year of the Hanse' celebrations and the National Heritage Open Day in Norfolk and England. It is our intention to take the whole experience (and the boat) on tour: locally, nationally and internationally.

"Bringing to life the 9 realms of Norse mythology, The Nine Realms pulls together 45 talented creatives from around the UK and the world who have worked together online for over 9 months celebrating the myths, characters and stories from the 13th century Icelandic Norse Sagas through poetry, writing, art and music."

Photos via the Norse Mythology site
Good stuff, and what gives the campaign that extra touch is the levels of funding, which correspond to the 9 realms, from Asgard at £3 through to Alfheim at £60. How to choose the level of funding? by the perks, or by how much the realm appeals to you? For instance, Alfheim is the home of the Light Elves, beautiful creatures, "guardian angels", minor gods of nature and fertility that can help or hinder humans with their knowledge of magical powers and deliver an inspiration to art and music. 

Or Vanaheim, home of the old gods, masters of sorcery, known for their ability to predict the future?

Or Niflheim, the first of the nine worlds, with its "bubbling, boiling spring" protected by a dragon?

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