28 April 2015

Tuesday is drawing day - Assyrian lion hunt at British Museum

A nice quiet room?
"A lion is released from its cage by a small person, possibly a child, lifting a trapdoor; he has a cage of his own in which to hide." The Royal Lion Hunt - Assyrian, 645-635BC - from Nineveh.

Two hours later (why does it take so long? too finicky?) -
There was time to tackle the adjoining scene, or part of it, but quickly, using a lumograph to get nice dark lines - no erasing! -

Another lion in a cage, one of those drawn by Jo -

Sue used pencil on pastel paper, and added in a bit of colour and the white highlights -
Caryl did an interesting thing - first she got to know her lion by quickly sketching in pencil on the left page, then carefully drew him on the right page, then went back and, using pen, adjusted her original sketch -
Mags, too, tackled the same subject several times, and with different media -

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Charlton Stitcher said...

These Drawing Days look so good and so inviting ... How I wish I lived in London and could join you!