21 June 2015

Saturday highlights

Along with the finding of replacement teaspoons, and the hurdy-gurdy song, yesterday's highlights included these caught by the camera -
Mozart Kuchen - the green is marzipan, the whole thing is very rich
The visit to the Boden Museum, especially the singing in the resonant hall.
The notes may help identify my photos
The singers taking new positions for each piece, playing with the acoustics
Modern medals in the Bode Museum - catalogue is at ww2.smb.museum/ikmk/
"Anna Selbsdritt" to add to my collection, started from a drawing at the V&A -- depictions of St Anne, her daughter the Virgin Mary, and the infant Jesus -
From Vogtland, 1520
From Kaernten (Slovenia), 1520
?Ulm, 1512
This building, near Friederichstrasse station, was built in 1903 as apartments for high-ranking civil servants. It's been restored and, as a plaque explains, signs of its history have been left, notably the bullet holes round the door from WW2 and the "East German neglect" of the cladding in the upper storeys -
Always a highlight is this large pink rose bush growing around a tree, on the way back "home" from the main street -

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