19 June 2015

Some textiles, some golden

Let's start with the shawl, found in a drawer at the Museum of European Cultures, along with a stomacher (Alsace, 1880) and some garters that were part of a bridal ensemble (Berlin, 1915). The shawl was made of silk ribbons in Berlin in 1915, by Rosa Jaeckel (1888-1980), She received a new silk ribbon every Sunday when her husband enjoyed a cigar, and pieced them together into the shawl.

Lovely quilting on this robe worn by a Turkish imam, 18th century -
Outside Europe, in fact from the South Seas (from the Ethnographic Museum), diverse textiles.

Fine braiding covering miles of cord, worn aroun a grass skirt -
A mourning costume from 18th century Tahiti, worn by the shaman/priest who performed the rites -
The same feathers are used in this ornament, which has blue cloth wrapped around the base, and comes from a different group of islands, not too far away in Pacific Ocean terms -
Palm-leaf fans, intricately woven, one with embellishment of human hair -
 Bark cloth, beautifully patterned -
Sorry about the reflections!

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