24 June 2015

Signs and suchlike

As happy as the day is long ...
Letterbox in Dahlem
Haircut, anyone?
Variations on the letter A, library door
Workmen's tools, Schloss building site open day
"It was here on 11 August 1962 that Gert Hoffman was dancing
to verboten rock'n'roll music when he fell to his death, inventing
stage-diving in the process." Advertising for a music festival

1 comment:

Connie Rose said...

That's a cool Happy Hour offer! Speaking of Happy Hours, the Applebee's in Eureka (maybe all of them?) offers Happy Hour on booze from 9 to 10 in the evenings...can you believe that? WTF?? Another reason I go to Eureka as seldom as possible!