11 October 2015

Colourful files

To put an end to yesterday's dithering, I turned a lot of these -
to this format -
The cropping was made easier by being able to set the measurements, which then applied to each subsequent photo -
It's important to change the file names, so the original is preserved. Also I wanted to easily link with the original photo - but what I did wasn't the best method: by taking off some of the camera's ID of the photo (eg, P1480844 became 0844) I ended up with a jumble of files, which I printed out (on a monochrome laser printer) so as to be able to make notes by the simple expedient of writing on the sheet -

Next task was to put the files into "alphabetical" order ... which I did by copying them into a new folder and removing the photo numbers from the file names That left the headwords from the starting and stopping pages from each day's work, and also the page numbers.

This process found at least one duplicate, and quite a lot of missing sections. So there was a point in keeping the numbers ... it made it easier to find photos that didn't have further description, of which there were several.

At that point I ran out of time. Not quite sure what format this will take, or even if all the photos will be used, but it's starting to take some sort of shape.

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