14 October 2015

Extended Drawing - week 2

We were tasked with bringing to class some photos of scenery or buildings "without people in them". They filled the floor within the circle of easels -
Thinking about where the figure might sit in space - where the horizon line could be (or would it be an indeterminate space without horizon line?) - and then choosing an image to use as the background, or context ... not easy! I thought mine could sit on the pebble beach, in front of the cliffs -
 I moved a pile of pebbles from the left of the photo to heap up against the bit of cliff, but was told to stick to the actual photo. And that I was getting caught up in the detail. Hmph, wasn't it enough that I was struggling with the cliff face?

Dutifully I reverted to the photo, added the distant cliff and carried on with the difficult one, with all its fracturing and chaos -
Thus in the review at the end of the project, it was wonderful to see Gillian's treatment of the edge of an arctic glacier -
I was also told that more midtone was needed - and sure enough, it was ... I didn't get quite finished putting it in -
These were not small drawings - just to give the scale, here's a larger view -
 Unfortunately I'll be missing the next two weeks, drawing with clay.

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