03 January 2017

Drawing Tuesday - extra session at V&A

Though we officially took time off between xmas and new year, several showed up for drawing and/or lunch.

I was inspired by last week's session to go to the furniture gallery, but it was closed, so I settled down in Sculpture: Materials and Methods. Which is a bit of a thoroughfare, especially for dawdlers who are more interested in the "performing monkeys" (ie, people sitting drawing) than in the actual exhibits. (I got a bit grumpy about that.) And it was quite cold - the warders wore padded jackets. 

The "other" cast court is under renovation, and the view from the balcony is mostly shut off. The glimpse, and large photo, is of the PĆ³rtico da Gloria of the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela -
Views of scaffolding through the little windows -
My drawings picked up on the shadows and tones of the crossbars, and I looked carefully at the clamps(?) (no, they're called couplers) used to join them - and then vented a bit of spleen in the notes -
Moving to somewhere with my back to the wall, I found myself drawing Adam and Eve from behind-

Wooden models used for teaching drawing, with arms and hands that could be moved into various positions -

 As only three of us were drawing, this post can show two pictures apiece.

 Sue's porcelain from Beijing, made in 2000 by Lin Jing
 and dating from 720-50, a Tang dynasty woman, painted earthenware -
 Najlaa's coffee service is from England, designed in 1998 by Peter Ting -
 She found another coffee service designed by Peter Ting earlier, with hand-cut enamel transfers -
 Tool of the week - a pencil sharpener, found in Janet B's Christmas stocking! -


irene macwilliam said...

You are amazing. Best wishes for 2017

Stitchinscience said...

That nose sharpener has evidently been a hit with lots of people - it appeared in the stockings of my grown-up lads! I really enjoy reading these posts about drawing and it encourages me to keep going with my own drawing.