06 January 2017

Historic dresses

As I sort out the accumulated souvenirs of my life so far, items large and small come to light. These dresses emerged from a plastic bag, smelling a bit musty - but the washing machine sorted that out. What to do with them now?

This folksy smock is of my own design, and I made quite a few of these either short or long, to wear when I was pregnant. Very 70s, don't you think? 
The sleeve attaches to the yoke in a way that makes the join at the underarm a little tricky - the body doesn't have a side seam, instead the seam follows on from the line of the yoke, and there are pockets in that seam (must have pockets!). Apart from that one point needing attention, it was quick and straightforward to sew. They looked good with a jumper underneath, and a short red version was my favourite, I wore it forever -
5 Dam Head, Holmbridge, W.Yorkshire, 1977
Dress #2 is from Monsoon, at a time when I'd stopped sewing. The thick cotton fabric has floating white threads on a black background; it still looks like new (and doesn't need ironing). I wore red beads with it, and wore it often - first to the job interview at BMJ and thereafter to work. Loved the dress and loved that job.
Happy memories ... but what to do with them now?


Sandy said...

The tunic's style and colours are very on trend for young people now. Pop it in your fav charity shop...Cancer Research?
The dress - being Monsoon should also get some interest. They might, of course, chop it off tunic length and call it a dress, but well, it will have had a second life.
PS then they will be done...not saved for fabric. ;-)

Living to work - working to live said...

Do they still fit you? Could they be altered in some way so you can use them now.

Charlton Stitcher said...

Keep them? Happy memories are hard to discard, I find!