17 January 2017

Drawing Tuesday - King's Place

Some discoveries on the way to the venue - a little canalside park, with mosaics made by children at the local school -

 Converted warehouses along the canal, and the inevitable swans -
 A boat that knows it's a boat, not a castle or jug of roses -

The interior of Kings Place offers impressive opportunities for perspective drawing -

A nice display of prints caught my eye - artists include Ann Christopher, Breon O'Casey, Peter Randall-Page, Jeff Lowe, Brian Kneale, Geoffrey Clarke, WilliamTucker, Anthony Abrahams, John Buck - all in a few square metres! -

Terence  Coventry's "Choughs"

Perspectival print of a gasometer, simple but complicated (or vice versa)

The artist is Zachary Eastwood-Bloom
 More Ann Christopher in the Pangolin Gallery, with major window-cleaning going on, an improvisation in swoops and transition of states that made an ephemeral contrast to the static drawings and sculptures -

 Now to the work -
Janet K found the "insect" downstairs
(actually it's Ark by Steve Dilworth)

Joyce caught some people (perhaps a staff meeting?) and added sepia

Sue went outside and shivered through two drawings of  Post Inert Phase II Disc
by Geoffrey Clarke

Carol, too did "people and poufes" ... as well as "drums or seats", an improvisation
resulting from someone sitting down and blocking the view of the empty chairs she was about to draw

Judith rose to the spatial challenge

Jo's series of drawings of the paintings of north Cornwall artist Leo Davy

Najlaa  found a sculpture by Geoffrey Clarke - very different from the one Sue drew

Michelle's technicolour version of "the red thing"
And here's "the red thing" in red - a popular subject! -

I took a few notes from the wall of prints, then put graphite on a page and used the
rubber to emulate Peter Randall-Page's scarabs, experimenting with ways of making them visible

Tools of the week -

Chunky felt tip markers - in bright, neon colours

The Rotring Art Pen takes ink cartridges - of any colour

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