19 February 2017

Arting about

Strange goings-on at Jerwood Space (till 26 Feb) -
A "stunning 2 bed sewer conversion" by Ben Burgis & Ksenia Pedan;
"imaginative resonances" by Anna Bunting-Branch
Passing Beaux Arts and nipping in to see the careful charcoal work of Sarah Gillespie (till 4 March), then downstairs to encounter "my" boar, the one with the goring tail - he and the horse are by Anthony Scott, and in the foreground the work is by Anna Gillespie -
In the House Work show at Victoria Miro (till 18 March), my unexpected favourite was this large work by John Korner -
"First floor museum"
 Gagosian Grosvenor Hill has an extensive survey of Michael Andrews' work (till 25 March) -
We were intrigued by the "bubbles" that left the canvas bare ... how did he do that? -
Among Andrews' subjects was Uluru and the Olgas -

Ephemeral "street art" ... soon to become the core of another huge building, somewhere south of Oxford Street -

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