11 February 2017


Experiments in mixing shades of blue and yellow

The peg dolls that Clea made when she was a child

These 1981 beauties have been at the back of the cupboard forever 

Various papers, made into "boats" for the Journeys exhibition in 2010,
that never did get reused

Book projects from earlier in the decade

Thumbnails used for deciding which of Tony's photos to show, June 2016
The treadle got a little dusty, but still works

Wool bought in Wales in 2008 - the jumper never finished
This is the weekend of our House Clearance event. Having packed up what we'll be keeping ourselves, all week Clea and I have been frantically sifting and sorting, putting out the remaining books, dvds, crockery, pictures, furniture,whatever.  It's not a sale - we are simply hoping people will come and take things away - donations toward a memorial bench are welcome but hardly obligatory.

Almost ready -

Clearing Tony's office took Clea much longer than she thought - what a lot of things we accumulate without even knowing it! -

Back at the flat, surfaces have been cleared to receive the sewing machine and all the rest -

And then there will be a further round of sorting, sifting, removal. All in good time.


Charlton Stitcher said...

Time is what it takes all this sorting and deciding ... so much time. I know I should doing it while I still can. What stops me, I wonder?

Sue Sharples said...

We'll try to come tomorrow. Rich thinks we're OK with our Epson printer, in case someone turns up wanting to take Tony's.
Hope it went well today, Sue x

Unknown said...

I hope it goes well and that much finds a new home. It's sad to do and always takes much longer than expected. Sallyx