06 March 2017

Domestic details

With The House looking emptier and emptier (only a few more bits of furniture still to Freecycle), and The Flat getting rather fuller with smaller things, I'm using the camera to "see" what's around me.

Photos are useful not just for documenting former possessions, but for making decisions on which objects go and which stay. It can be difficult ... everything has its story, its history, its past life. Our things go on to a future life of which we know nothing. (Along with the furniture leaving the house, the new owners get a potted history of its story, whether they're interested or not!)

Seeing our surroundings in 2D helps us be more objective about them, I think. We can't overlook the reality in the photo, the way we can ignore the objects that "have always been there". 

Everything has a story, often a long one, but I'll try to keep it brief.
New cup hooks for all 16 mugs on display. Spotty red is Tom's favourite, and I often
use the orange fox. The spotty sugar jar came from Hidden Art Hackney in
the 1990s, and I live in fear of its accidental demise. The dog pic came from
Tony, early on - he found it in a charity shop, and the water glasses just seem to
have gathered ... it's right by the sink

The cupboards are simply too full. Must get the little black cupboard back
on the wall, that's where the wineglasses usually live

The bowl population seems to have exploded, time for a rethink,
or at least a relocation

Many small items have migrated from The House - objects in
transition, waiting to nest in still-unfinished drawers

The two soup spoons from Morocco had been used to raise the light above
the dining table; the plants have come from friends, over the years
 Peace still reigns on the desk. It was "interesting" to come across a photo of it in 2006 (here).
One of the pen-jars - Tom rescued it from the dump - and our
Cardboard Clock, which we missed during its respite in "a safe place"

On the other side of the desk, fairy lights and a cactus candle-holder, also a
menagerie - the Message Mule, the Crumb-Brush Creature, and the Wireless Mouse

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