07 March 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Horniman Museum

The natural history section was crowded with schoolchildren, young adults with learning difficulties and cameras, and even some tiny tots in checked gingham smocks. And it had skeletons -
Female and male gorilla

Their appendages
My drawing
The natural history section also had some vibrantly-coloured display cases, which Janet B's attire matched rather well -
 And come to think of it, the dragonfly (among her many drawings) would wear those colours too -
Najlaa's Great Northern Diver provoked discussion of Canadian loons; both are Gavia immer

 Janet K was in the music section, enjoying the colours and structure of an Ethiopian harp -
 Judith filled a spread with lively creatures -
Sue didn't stop after drawing the African mask but quickly went on to a very strange musical instrument -

Tip of the week

Janet K reports that "one line can make all the difference". I hope you can see the line she added to the right-hand page, about a quarter of the way up. "I wanted them to look monumental, so I added a horizon line." Its low position does the trick -

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