21 March 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Brunei Gallery

So much to choose from in the Embroidered Tales exhibition! Drawn by the "story" of this piece - that the leaves of the tree of life represent prayers - I sat down and got to work.
Mirrored script at the base of the panel

The leaves are mirrored too, and contain representations of fish and turtles

I drew only half of each "leaf"

Then coloured in the central sections
Mags found the shapes came easily in her warm-up drawings,
but less so when drawing the details

Sue carefully represented the stitches of embroidery

Judith's page shows both detail and possibility
 "How do you sharpen a coloured pencil" was the question - why do they so often break during sharpening, is it the lead or is it the fault of the sharpener? We got out pencil sharpeners and also some other useful portable tools, tiny tape dispenser and folding scissors -
 My crayons, gift of dear friend Rita in the 1990s, will last another few decades -
 Mags told how a very useful book fortuitously came her way via a charity shop -

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